Veteran Support

Affording peace of mind to a veteran and their family is priceless, and AlienPuppyTenders gives back to those who served.

AlienPuppyTenders cooperate with departments of veterans affairs to hire, serve, and support veterans, retired police officers, and their families in the following countries:

the U.S. | China | Japan | the U.K. | Russia | Ukraine | Belarus | South Korea | Australia | Canada | Ireland | Norway | Iceland | Sweden | Finland | Denmark | Thailand | Indonesia | Malaysia | Philippines | Singapore | Vietnam | Lao | Combodia | Myanmar | India | Pakistan | U.A.E | Turkey | Saudi Arabia | Brazil | Mexico | Colombia | Chile | and more......

AlienPuppyTenders-DirtyNewZealand SPB Inc. doesn't support SPB's Wagner operations in both Africa and Ukraine. It's the business between the governments of Russia, Ukraine, the U.S., and some African countries. AlienPuppyTenders hires retired employees of both Wagner and Academi in the New Zealand market for the New Zealand public. Retired Mozart, Wagner, plus Beethoven, Brahms, Schumann, Schubert, Bach, Haydn, and Academi employees are great patriots and veterans, too. They are different from no-faith NZ Police and judges. Money is not the only faith Wagner/BW believes in. Patriotism, Brotherhood, and teamwork are their God. Our Chinese partners successfully partnered with both of them in the African market. The New Zealand market has more fun. Dirty cops, judges, and high-rank official-backed thieves and crime organizations are everywhere. Their "excuse" is it's too risky for them to fight against real crimes. Everybody knows they share "the profits" together. They'd never complain about " risky" when they get the police & judge payroll every month. And they'd never thought of "risky" when they raped " the crime victims" together. Andrew Coster's achievement. Blow off a few bad cops and judge's heads in the street as those real Kiwi heroes did in Auckland street, we guarantee you then the public and foreign tourists will feel much safer than before, or we pay you. We hope the Veterans could provide some basic military training to innocent families of innocent Maori and minority communities in the much wilder New Zealand. They could be the next victims if we don't do this. Foreign "New Zealand law" warriors might need to get dirty NZ government-issued visas before they take off or get on the boat. We'll submit the visa applications for them. They might love to sleep with Kris Faafoi one by one in exchange for their visas, respectively, if necessary. Should you have any questions about AlienPuppy's veteran support programs, feel free to let us know at hire # (Russian Mail Server). AlienPuppy is not your ALL-TALK puppy. Wasting your time is a sin.

A nation without her soldiers would be like God without his angels.

Your nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.



The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. Thank you for your service for American people.