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Alien Puppy Tenders is a platform where people can search contract opportunities, research, bid and manage Alien Puppy Tender published programs across several industries listed on the website. Corporate and government buyers and sellers may sign in and start posting opportunities.

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Alien Puppy? What a weird name! Could this place be a source for new converts to Christianity/Islam/Buddhism/Scientology/etc.? Does all credit go to the Democrats/Republicans? Did Jesus save them too? Can we sell them earth products? Are they coming to conquer us? Should we increase the defense budget? We know you have lots of questions for us.

Our system tells us there are lots of visitors landing on this page ( About Us) every hour. Thank you for your interest in us. We are nobodies, who are too " nobody" to fight against crimes committed by criminals hidden inside NZ Police, government agencies, and the national administrative system. We are just a few nobodies with a few dollars in our pockets, which might be able to impress you if you work in any of the 7 industries we engage in. You've spent 3 minutes on us, and are still confused? If 3 minutes of web browsing could bring you something valuable, then there could be over billions of Earth humans more successful than you, in the business games.

The same as New Zealand Police & New Zealand government, we are NOT LEGITIMATE. It doesn't matter. There are several ten thousand good New Zealand people working for (being used by) NOT LEGITIMATE entities because hard-working laborers want bread, and money and they have families. Reality Vs. Law. Reality usually wins. You can find more info on why the New Zealand government is NOT LEGITIMATE in the program "DirtyNewZealand". If you can find more info on why we are NOT LEGITIMATE, please make a website, to let the whole world know. We appreciate your help in cleaning the world, the same as what we are doing in New Zealand.

An Interesting thing is Law and DDE(Double Deposit Escrow) are our most powerful weapons and partnership bridge in business. We assume there are more devils on Earth than in our world. Bringing unbreakable rules to your Planet is our mission. So with "AlienPuppyTenders", you will never be scammed or robbed, or never be able to scam or rob your buyers or sellers; you will never waste your precious time and cost of opportunities; you will never get any negative surprise or risks outside your business plans and settings. WHY?

Because: #1, we filter both buyers and sellers for you; #2, we utilize DDE & Smart Contract; #3 We know your business fields more than others do because we do direct investment, R&D research, and business operations in your fields, on our own. We are not your agent; We are your associate.