is a procurement portal for global suppliers and contractors, for both enterprises and individuals, who would pursue successful marketing and sales in or for the business sectors below, directly or indirectly:
  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Air Transport Service

  • Entertainment & Recreation

  • Healthcare & Life Science

  • Education & Research

  • Public Security

  • Make New Zealand Police & Judge CLEAN, ( so the New Zealand prime minister won't have to act as a beggar on the world stage anymore. )

  1. New Zealand Most Wanted List. The reward is a minimum of NZD 30,000 for one New Zealand government employee/court judge fugitive

  2. New Zealand Self-Defense Equipment Distribution Program. In New Zealand, no military rifles in hands, no fairness, and no law. The felons still sit in the offices.

  3. Maori Community Military/IT Training Program. New Zealand "Police & Judge" criminals misunderestimated your capabilities of upholding laws and racial rights.

On this website, we are not trying to sell "anything" to you*. On the contrary, we are trying to make purchases from any DDE-ready suppliers worldwide. You may just close your browser window if sales and making a profit are not your business goals. There are tons of charity organizations waiting for your support ahead. If you want to make sales and add one more number or face to your global client list, please just give us a glimpse.

Our only lifetime condition is "DDE" (Dual Deposit Escrow), which ensures "our marriage" could last for years or decades. DDE is your only relative, who your parents would love and try to get well with, to build a bright future for you. Business size? From $1,500 to $1 million per single transaction. We did business with both broke students and Fortune 500s. Japanese government or bank-provided DDE service is the only option for contracts over $10,000. Exception: anonymous contracts based on blockchain smart contract technologies.

Nothing special. In the human world, we believe "Japanese things" should be the most trustworthy for both of us, and their law-abiding public servants, reputation, and credibility are above the standard of your government or your banks. Meanwhile, in the 0101 digital Skynet world, blockchain smart contract is the most unbreakable and fairest mechanism nowadays. Thank you, Mr. Satoshi. Please prove we are wrong by dropping us an email message. Until we get equality in education, we won't have an equal society.

Want to know what we are trying to acquire in the markets? Click into our DropBox space to find out! Wait a minute. You should ask yourself if there could be any chance we would love to do business with each other before you think if AlienPuppyTenders would purchase your products or services. Don't do program technical analysis at the beginning; Do business relationship analysis. A business relationship is not a coincidence, it is a fate. It's about commitment and caring for each other. Please don't question your capabilities in the business for now. You must be valuable if you have faith in both of us.

*We sell general merchandise, AlienPuppyTenders gifts, and souvenirs at Alien Puppy Store