AlienPuppy FOR Ukraine + Russia + Belarus

Before the war, AlienPuppy and her Chinese affiliates had tremendous business cooperation with Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. We helped Ukrainian Civil Aviation Authority gain full flight simulators for pilot training. We got indirectly involved in a few commercial aircraft trading and leasing deals with UIA, including a retired B767 program. We have very dear friends in both Ukraine and Russia. Our employees toured Kamchatka with AlienPuppy's Ukrainian partners together before the war. AlienPuppy has no enemies and no difficulties in these countries, and will never have.

What could we say and what could we do:

We know nothing about international politics. And we care about our clients, suppliers, partners, investors, and their families MOST. Everybody must have his/her reasons to do something for his/her country. The complicated situation and range are far beyond the imagination and abilities of a small business such as the AlienPuppy corporation.

AlienPuppy's dream for them:

Make love, No War.

What We Do With Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus Now:

Stop bidding on military programs in these countries. Keep moving forward with all of them in the civilian fields. Send us your proposals, if you would join us. Yes, the same rules: DDE and $1,500 ~ $ 1 million per single contract amount.