As a professional seller, you should not focus on how "unprofessional" your POTENTIAL buyer is. You should pay more attention to how professional you could be in the deals with them unless you would tell them you sell nuclear weapons. ----

Alien Puppy Tenders believes in two things in your country. BTW, we assume you are not from New Zealand. 1, DDE & Contract, and 2 Regulation, Law, Arbitration, and Court, where the loser always has to pay the costs of the winner, including related damages. This is how this world works, isn't this?

If you have $1,500, then you are qualified to be an AlienPuppy's supplier applicant. After thoroughly researching everything on our website, if you know why you should submit your business proposal to us, how, and when, and for what AlienPuppy programs, then you are qualified to grow up to be a billionaire or a fortune 500, dominating your industry on planet Earth in the future. If you don't have $1,500, there are 1,500 methods for you to make a team, to get some others to cooperate with you to make you a "$1,500" to get AlienPuppy payments from us.

Ask yourself the following questions, before you keep "reading us":

1, Would you dare to do business with those, who wouldn't speak and fight for your legal/human rights and your business interests, when you are hit by crimes, all kinds of crimes, including government crimes and business or financial crimes?

2, Would you be a partner of those who will never tell you what's right, what's wrong, what's happening in the world, and what could hurt you, and who wouldn't do risk management for you?

3, What would your family or your best friends do for you, when you are in trouble, or when you are facing immoral activities, or crimes?

4, What would you do for your business partners, your investors, your people, and even yourself, if your legal and human rights are raped, your investment is robbed, and your hard work is stolen by corrupt police & judges, such as in New Zealand? Is "what are you going to do", or "what are you not going to do" the best gift and giving back to those who trust you, and count on you?

5, Are you in here for seeking opportunities with prestigious-named, upper-class look-alike human garbage, or are you trying to grow up with really righteous & trustworthy buyers, who would sacrifice everything to protect and grow your business? Enron corporation was big, and looked professional and profitable, how much losses it brought to investors, suppliers, and their employees? New Zealand government's official websites, especially the websites of NZ Police & Ministry of Justice, look cool, legitimate, public-supported, and national-reputation-backed, but do you know how many Kiwis and New Zealand law clauses would tell you how many of their employees have committed crimes to create how many government-crime victims during how many years? Were any government criminals sent to court trial? Do these trash own New Zealand? Is any of these criminals POWERFUL enough to tell you that the whole of New Zealand wouldn't do business with you if you do business with AlienPuppyTenders®? So are you here for good-looking but fake images, or are you here for the long-term business relationship, financial security, and profit, as an industrial supplier? If you wouldn't speak for justice and law, or if you wouldn't dare to fight for a fair business environment, then...... do you think your business could grow for the sake of your cautiousness inside a terrible business environment?

In a word, we, AlienPuppyTenders, have a higher budget(real money), target programs, DDE, and NOTHING ELSE, are you qualified, or would/could you cooperate with us? If your answer is "Yes", keep reading.

Supply chains cannot tolerate even 24 hours of disruption. So if you lose your place in the supply chain because of wild behavior you could lose a lot. It would be like pouring cement down one of your oil wells. -- Thomas Friedman

As a seller, your only job is to find your long-term buyers and get money from them legally, with the satisfaction of both them and the government. They have money for your product and service. They don't have to be Royal family members or Ph.D. s to be your buyers.

Whatever you are good at, whatever you produce, as long as you believe we need it, and you would do business with us to provide your products and services to our corporate members or us, we appreciate your attitude and right decisions.

As a seller, McDonald's wouldn't ask customers about their annual income, their jobs, home locations, or car brands, would it? All McDonald's cares about is whether you are a real customer, who can afford the meals, or you are homeless, who just wants to sit there all day long, for rest or Wi-Fi. The fact is we are hungry and we just walk in with money, enough money, in our pockets. And we carry guns to make sure no "other humans" in the restaurant are going to rob us or hurt McDonald's employees, as what NZ police & judges did to us in New Zealand. Protecting McDonald's is just protecting ourselves.

AlienPuppy's businesses are the world's most exciting and interesting things you could be aware of in all your life. You only live ONCE.

Our Advantages:

1, We Pay You More;

2, We Pay You Upfront, through DDE;

3, We Formally Contract, Unless You Would Trade Anonymously For Specific Programs.

4, Our/Your Banks and Payment Guarantors Would Call You, On Our Behalf; We Have a Payment Bond For You;

5, From $1500 to $1 million Single Transaction/Contract Amount/Per Milestone; We buy your products/services not because of your deposit in DDE, but because of your product, expertise, experience, and attitude. DDE is about "Payment bond" & " Performance Bond". There's nothing new, this is an international standard; What makes you get rich is not a big single contract amount, but stable repeat (& repeat) business with us. You can get very rich, even if you have only $1500 now. Read more about " Warren Buffett & Compound Interest".

6, We Seek Long Term Cooperation With You;

7, We can make COD/BankWireTransfer/ face-to-face physical deals for a non-warranty-required specific product and service supply.

Our Suggestions:

1, For whatever you would try to sell to us, you may consider incorporating a joint venture business with us in your local area, to sell your/our products

and/or services to us ( AlienPuppy-DirtyNewZealand Inc.), if you aim at long-term repeat business with us.

In a word, now you've already known the 7 business fields we would spend our resources on, the next step is you tell "Alien Puppy" purchasing managers what you can offer, what AlienPuppy's problems you can solve, your expertise, your experience, your contribution to your previous buyers, and AlienPuppy purchasing managers would let you know program details of our business needs, which and your offers MATCH.

We look unprofessional, that's why you could be valuable to us. The website looks professional, so did you do any business with the Boeing company? In our belief, any seller who wouldn't contract with us in DDE, is a potential threat to us, because they try to leave some space to flee from the contract they signed and agreed. IRRESPONSIBILITY.

We make you earn more: if you show us your previous contracts for the same or similar products and services you would provide to us, we'd pay you more by starting at 120% of your previous earnings ( for less than $ 200K single contract).

We are seeking the following services and MORE:

BPO, IT, Industrial Bidding Management(Online admin & management), Supplier/Client Relationship, System Integrity, Supply Chain Management, Legal, Writing/Translation/Interpretation, Office/Online Admin, CPA, Auditing, and MUCH MORE.

We don't publish very detailed program information on the Internet. "Something" you believe you can do, or you believe we might need? just send us your proposal, when you believe you are DDE-ready. You are expected to be capable of drafting agreements, and making effective proposal documents and/or demonstration videos, by either yourselves or hiring services you need help from.

Note: Any possible issues or disputes, which's not mentioned in the agreements both sides signed ARE ON US, which means, we take full responsibility for the results. We follow your explanation on it, and you don't have to pay for any surprise that's not indicated in our agreement.

Click " Contact" under the "About Us" Menu, to submit your application today, if interested and qualified.

Ask yourself this question, before clicking " Contact": How do you define a "good" and/or "professional" buyer? They got a professional web presence, so they are professional for you? or They got nothing, but "Always pay you right, on time", and you call this " good, reliable, & trustworthy" or "professional"? As a professional contractor, what's really important to you in business other than " getting paid right, on time"?

The fact: We don't own ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD; And you are NOT THE ONLY ONE, who MIGHT BE ABLE to provide what we are looking for. Life will keep going on with, or without anyone, or any entity in the world. So the question is what's a stable business relationship about?

Tell your bank, your insurance company, your guarantor, whoever and whatever could help you make lots of money by dealing with us through DDE:

" We have a serious big buyer, and we want to earn money from them. They are a very reputable buyer, but they would never do anything without insurance. This insurance is for honoring contracts, not for business yield. What can you do for us?"

Business is about competence, one and the only, and nothing else. If you are not selling atomic bombs or something like that, most likely you are in a buyer's market. Or you don't have to contact us, we contact you. The web content shows you ideas of our business strategies and plans, it's like we've built the building structure, and now it's time for you to find the right places to make walls and rooms to complete the building.

You are wasting your precious time on us, if you don't understand what LIFE, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, HUMAN SOUL & DIGNITY means to Homo sapiens.

Only those who will risk going too far can find out how far one can go. ----T. S. Eliot

AlienPuppyTenders® recommends Japan government-offered escrow service for DDE deployment: Easy, Low/Zero Cost, and Trustworthy. From $1,500 to $1 million single transaction, they care about you, not the money amount. Real law, justice, and fairness, ( completely different from fake NZ laws and so-called NZ law enforcement & judges). This is the core reason why Japan can stand at the top of the world. Not all island nations are the same!

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