On Jan. 19th, 2023, Opposition National leader Christopher Luxon said Ardern had “made a significant contribution to New Zealand, in what is a difficult and demanding job” and called her a “strong ambassador for New Zealand on the world stage”. In New Zealand, do people have the right to "lol"? LoL

All the facts and evidence prove this labor-party-administered government is illegitimate. New Zealand WAS a harmonious haven on your planet Earth before. And now it is a "fallen angel" full of all kinds of crimes, corruption, and collapse after several years of the management of this administration. They wouldn't fight against government employee crimes, (and will never, so Ardern resigned). So crimes fight this country and its people without any hesitation, and will never stop. Use your single-cell human brain to ask yourself, " why and how come? they claimed they work for the country, right?" Interestingly, instead, this government lied to the public that they are fighting and eliminating crimes in New Zealand. Even Andrew Coster wouldn't believe it. And then the New Zealanders vote for the labor party again. AlienPuppy's life science scientists recently showed their strong interest in the brain structures of the Kiwis. The kiwi voters could be a very unique existence in the Universe. It seems they hate this Universe. The labor party scammed New Zealand people. This government ruined this beautiful country. Again, please don't blame the virus. NZ police and INZ covered crimes, stole, robbed, and kidnapped international tourists, and nobody in this government cabinet cared. Meanwhile, they fucking called some other kiwis "gangs". This got nothing to do with " the virus". At least 100,000 Kiwis escaped from New Zealand in 2022, and much more are on their way in 2023. This got nothing to do with " the virus". It's easy, take your webcam and interview anyone on the street anywhere in New Zealand, only when you can survive in NZ police/judge-involved crime cases, or find some youtube videos to watch. Draw your conclusion. Don't believe in Alien Puppies, believe in yourself. We'd love to shut down the "Make NZ Police & Judge Clean" business if Kris Faafoi would let his kids experience what government crime victims suffered in the cells, which are under the illegal management of another government criminal: Andrew Coster. The Faafoi kids must love it. It's like "training in a boy scout camp". Our global partners asked if they should help the Faafoi kids make their dreams come true. The Kiwi trash in this government doesn't see NZ laws as NZ laws. They were delusional. They believed they drafted the New Zealand law and they were the only ones who were authorized by God to interpret it. They'd gotten used to committing this kind of felony for years before the AlienPuppy showed. Ironically, New Zealand people call this government cabinet " the Administration". We are just wondering if New Zealanders speak and understand English. Or in all the New Zealand-published dictionaries, the word " administration" is defined as " Noun, 'no plural'. the things that you have to do to manage the crime work of a government organization." New Zealand people would say "there is no law and justice in New Zealand", even if there's only one government crime case being purposely ignored by this government. The fact is there are too many government crimes bringing up with too many government crime victims in New Zealand in the past few years. Purposely ignoring government crime and covering up government crimes is a felony. We'd shut down our business, If Andrew Coster can tell the fake NZ media the truth that there was no law and justice in New Zealand during his term, under the "administration" of this government. Then a new question would be " why did New Zealand people pay for the income of the commissioner of New Zealand police every month, for purposely making New Zealand a no-law territory?" New Zealand people now request their sweat money back from Andrew Coster's bank accounts, before sending him to a real courtroom, according to New Zealand laws. Now a new question after " a new question" is coming up next: who has made so many criminals operate this government for the public since day one? Unfortunately, The criminals hidden inside this dirty government still believe no military contractors would work for New Zealand law, the public, and money. They still believe the Maori people couldn't do anything against the crimes this government committed. The military operation is the only option for the public when law enforcement agencies and courts are being hijacked by New Zealand government criminals. Where are the global democratic warriors now? Could DEMOCRACY still really exist on the soil of the crimes of the Police & Court? Can New Zealanders and international tourists speak in New Zealand now? Can their voices be heard by the Goddess of Justice? Blind New Zealanders hired a bunch of drunks.

We would provide financial support to those who can investigate New Zealand government-committed crimes, government felons, and crime victims for the New Zealand public and international tourists. We are sure most "government and court crime victims" are tourists, new immigrants, minorities, and Maori, and they have no guns in their hands. What's the fucking difference between this government and robbers in Auckland streets? There is much more information on the old version of AlienPuppyTendersHawaii.com that we believe you would love to "get". You can access our website's old version through the links to DropBox ( a U.S. Company) and http://u0821897.isp.regruhosting.ru/fromalienhi (Russian Web Hosting Server).

We wouldn't run this website to help New Zealand people fight government crimes if the fake New Zealand media ever told the whole world: " immigrating and traveling 100% pure New Zealand would make you believe you are combating and hiding in Afghanistan or Yemen. " New Zealand now is even worse than Taliban's Afghanistan in the aspects of public security, law, justice, and government management. Alien Puppies are not Kiwis. Now ask yourself this question: who loves or hates New Zealand: the Kiwi trash, well known as "the criminals hidden inside this illegitimate NZ government, who originally generated all the crimes and are boosting them in New Zealand" or Alien Puppies? The solution: shoot these felons in the street. Excuse us, the crime organization: Christchurch District Court wouldn't publicly play the courtroom fun with their family members. But they did play the same game with Brenton Tarrant. Are you Brenton Tarrant's family or a Kiwi patriot? Do you love New Zealand? Bomb the crime organization: Christchurch court for the future of New Zealand. You didn't send them to hell, the government crime they usually play with did. The criminals like Andrew Coster and Kris Faafoi purposely bet all the New Zealand people and the whole country on their personal fake-career games, OR arresting government and court criminals would be as quick as the operation of arresting Mr. Tarrant. (should be much quicker, but New Zealand people wouldn't demand too much from the law enforcement agencies.)The only reason is Brenton Tarrant was a lone wolf, a fucking cheap "nobody" by comparing to the crime syndicate: this illegitimate NZ government. Try a new NZ government with DDE protection, to ensure the mouths of the so-called great NZ politicians and government agency leaders are not your assholes. If they bet the whole nation on their games, then New Zealand people should bet these so-called leaders' cheap lives and their families on the game of the public. This is being called DDE, and we know it's not FAIR for the New Zealand public, but it's FAIR ENOUGH for those the public hired for the national management. Don't think then no government employee candidates would apply for government jobs and take their job responsibilities under the DDE mode. Those who would REALLY sacrifice for the New Zealand people will win. The fucking disaster this labor-party government brought to New Zealand is way much worse than what a few golden retriever puppies you trained for the government cabinet seats might mess up New Zealand. And puppies don't cheat, and they don't scam New Zealand people. They don't run away from the punishment of the New Zealand's Father authored "guidebook". Dog food is much cheaper than what these government criminals scammed from the public. Please ignore our words, if New Zealand people really can't find any decent and responsible politicians in New Zealand. Even God couldn't know if the Kiwi public could make it, because God has never heard of the English expression: the New Zealand Spirit. We are sure there are lots of talented, experienced, and responsible REAL "lawful managerial professionals" in Australia, the U.S., Canada, England, and some other countries, who would sacrifice their EVERYTHING FOR NEW ZEALAND. They would sign the DDE contracts with the New Zealand public to rescue "the fallen angel". "The AlienPuppy-DirtyNewzealand Inc." would sign the DDE contracts. Just let us know how much responsibility the New Zealand public wants us to take. How much is the deposit amount, and how many heads of the (s)elected government leaders? If we can give real guarantees to the public, and if we are DDE-guaranteed competitive and effective in our government managerial work, then why should poor New Zealand people spend more sweat money and risk their living condition standard to hire nothing-good-guaranteed and expensive government criminals like Andrew Coster and "retired" Kris Faafoi? We really believed the poor New Zealand people hate this universe.

AlienPuppyTenders Now Hiring the makers of the New Zealand Government Administration Proposal Document Package. New Zealand people would finally utilize AlienPuppy's blockchain technologies and DDE in the national administration if the National's MPs and new government performance are as low as " the sleeping labor's MPs". we call them " the fake MPs". None of them would fight government crimes for the people they represent, just because their families haven't been raped or killed directly or indirectly by the government crimes as lots of other Kiwi families terribly suffered. Blockchain is decentralized, and unbreakable, even for God, before real quantum computing is utilized on your planet. We are just wondering when the New Zealand voters would be not afraid of speaking out " We trust the blockchain, DDE, AlienPuppy, and ourselves MORE than the old-fashioned, fake, unlawful Parliament system which's full of dishonest non-DDE-verified MPs." No brokers, no brokerage cost. Write us an email if you are expecting the AlienPuppy-developed NZ National Administration system to get online ASAP. What if the AlienPuppy is as dishonest as NZ MPs? Homo sapiens on your planet earth have utilized different types of DDEs in their social lives for over 10,000 years. It worked in the stone age, and it will also work in the era of blockchain and AI.

New Zealand Prime Minister
Both Barry Manilow and Alien Puppies can't smile without Christopher Luxon's sense of humor. lol.
Mr. Luxon, impress all the New Zealand government crime victims, and then we would consider teleporting the most advanced Martian technologies to the national party's government, to benefit all the New Zealand people, excluding the Kiwi trash mentioned on our websites, to help you make New Zealand regain the "best country on planet Earth" award. And we would try to persuade this Universe's most civilized alien species to submit their immigration applications to the national-party-managed INZ. This illegitimate government has won the " fastest sinking nation in the galaxy history" award too many times. Please give New Zealand people and international tourists some hope. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

These songs are dedicated to all the real New Zealand patriots like Christopher Luxon. Only few would tell NZ people the truth nowadays. SO YOU MUST WIN. God wants to see your success. AlienPuppy's military-grade A.I. systems have successfully predicted the future of New Zealand based on Bayes' Theorem and some alien 'hypothesis'. Excuse us, we'd have to keep using military devices for the New Zealand government and court cases. Time proves It's the only language the Kiwi trash prefers to speak and would understand. The next step is to hit these government criminals' ALL-TALK PUPPY minds, which caused ALL THE CRIMES AND UNFAIRNESS IN NEW ZEALAND. It's already got started, or the so-called ex-"PM" wouldn't run away. You are Pepper Potts, and the New Zealand public is Mr. Tony Stark. You do anything and everything Mr. Stark requires, including occasionally taking out the Kiwi trash. They are the fucking enemies of New Zealand & human civilization. They are making all the New Zealand people, including all the New Zealand Police live and work even tougher. Many Kiwis would join the big international family to arrest them, no matter where they are or how far. Tolerating and covering up government employee crimes is the WORST crime. It didn't kill 50 shooting victims. It hurt 5 million New Zealanders. It made the terrible daily lives of lots of Kiwi families even worse and much more painful than DEATH. And it could "indirectly" kill much much more in a decade. And the victims could be your sons or your grandsons. It's the most terrible WMD for every New Zealand resident, even though the Kiwis usually can't see or feel it, for the sake of the dirty operations of fake New Zealand media.

Any government leader who covers up government crimes is the enemy of the public. The public has the right to ask for their tax money back. [New Zealand Police & MoJ Annual Budgeting & Expenditure Analysis -CLICK]. If people can't get their money back, they have the right to send the Kiwi trash to the real courtroom if there is one in New Zealand. If the court is hijacked by the Kiwi trash, the public has the right to revolution and executes the government criminals in the street, anywhere, at any time. It's legal. In political philosophy, the right of revolution (or right of rebellion) is the right or duty of a people to "alter or abolish" a government that acts against their common interests or threatens the safety of the people without cause. So the ultimate issue would be: who has more power in the military: the Kiwi trash Vs. New Zealand public and Kiwi patriots. This illegitimate labor-party-managed government can't represent 5 million New Zealand people. The AlienPuppy-DirtyNewZealand Inc. and the Galaxy Alliance stand with the New Zealand public. It's not about politics and war. It is about faith in God, New Zealand law, and the future of New Zealand.

1*DDE & Public Financial Security Applications in the New Zealand Government Administration.[click]

2*Low crime rate, high efficiency, and No corruption: DDE-verified Private company operated " New Zealand Police" -- AlienPuppy-DirtyNewZealand Inc. & the Serco company [click]

3* "foreign power", "foreign influence", "national security", "sedition" and "government stability" are the common excuses of those government criminals, who have scammed NZ people's tax money, broken NZ laws, including the Constitution of New Zealand, and committed crimes against the public for years. Ironic. Why is there no "government stability issue" in Japan? They are not real NZ patriots and they are just parasitic worms in the NZ society.

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