A $20,000 extra special rate for retired police officers, veterans, African Americans & Maori independent law enforcement agents. Don't forget sending bad guys like Kris Faafoi to cell or hell WAS your job. We can drop your money anywhere in the world, including Antarctica. That's your legal deserve. Thank you for doing cleaning work for the New Zealand public and the next generation of Kiwis. New Zealand law is not for "nobodies" ONLY. It must apply to everyone. It's simple: send Kris to cell or hell, or release Brenton Tarrant. We don't think Brenton is cheaper than Kris Faafoi. What? give Kris Faafoi a chance, he got 3 kids at home to feed. Did anyone give Brenton Tarrant a chance? Brenton wanted to work with us to build a baby hospital in Tibet, and he will absolutely do BIG GOOD THINGS for the Tibetans if he can be released.

Kris Faafoi