AlienPuppyTenders' Investors & Investment

In the beginning, we'd have to make an apology to our investors, shareholders, and those who trust us with their money, including but not limited to:

  • Some banks in China & Japan

  • Indirect investments from pension funds managed by some international governments

  • Our neighborhoods

  • Pentagon's contractors & some aerospace & defense/air transport manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, Ukraine, Russia & Belarus

We, as our investors' asset managers, got physically kidnapped and robbed in the New Zealand market by some New Zealand government criminals, including a police officer in Rangiora Police Station who's under illegal protection of the criminals listed on "the New Zealand Most Wanted Page", due to our carelessness and insufficient market & legal environment survey in New Zealand. This unpredictable crime made our investors and global partners lose both money and the business opportunities they should have deserved. We made mistakes on the way to trying to gain better ROIs and better lives for our investors and their families when we intended to grow our business existence in the south pacific market. We shouldn't go to the New Zealand market without both full military protection and proceeding New Zealand government criminal background check. We'd say sorry to all Chinese, Japanese and American people who trusted the financial management skills of their local governments. The loss was caused not by market environmental change in a legal environment, but by fake media, the terrible New Zealand social environment, and the corrupt New Zealand government operated by those New Zealand's most wanted government fugitives, under national crime circumstances. It is a national crime without the awareness and consent of the New Zealand public and the Parliament of New Zealand. And this is just one among all the crimes illegal New Zealand government "leaders" committed in the past decade. Sadly, nobody in New Zealand dared to speak and fight against government crimes till now. The New Zealand government is an organizational structure. It's not organic, and it can't make decisions by itself. Those who got involved in this crime, and have "the leadership seats" in the New Zealand government must pay the price. After all, nobody forced them to take positions in government management. Powers and obligations must exist at the same time. They, such as Andrew Coster, were eager to take the powers for all kinds of personal gains at the beginning, and now they want to run away from the obligations and legal responsibilities they MUST bear.

We have done our best to cover our investors' losses as much as we can, with our funds so that the number of investors and their families who got affected by this New Zealand government crime case is as little as possible. And we thank our investors, partners and sponsors, and the governments of the U.S. China, Russia, Ukraine, the U.K. Canada, Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Japan for their understanding and support to our military operations in New Zealand.

The crimes New Zealand government officials, police, and judge criminals committed against global defense contractors and their employees have seriously threatened and breached the national security of some nations. We will submit a report to related government agencies if there is evidence showing New Zealand Police personnel tried to illegally access ( or have illegally accessed ) the encrypted classified data stored in our employee's military laptops. AlienPuppy is not an ALL-TALK puppy. AlienPuppy's government clients are extremely REAL for the protection of their countries. We would sacrifice our lives to protect our investor's interests around the globe from being stolen, robbed, and abused by both New Zealand judge/police criminals and the illegitimate New Zealand government (a crime organization that always claims other types of Kiwi's social teams are crime organizations). We know those who can't protect your investment are not qualified to be your buyers, your partners, or your wealth guardians. AlienPuppy's military operation in New Zealand is underway. This is our duty, our commitment, and our promise.

AlienPuppyTenders appreciates your investment and your priceless trust. Nothing is as important and meaningful as both of them. This is the only way how human beings build a better world for the next generation.


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