Healthcare & Life Science

Health, our most valuable asset, is under constant attack. Even after a century of groundbreaking medical progress,most of the human body remains a mystery. We are still at the mercy of ever-evolving threats, from genetic diseases, cancers and pandemics. But in hospitals and laboratories of AlienPuppy's around the world, doctors and scientists are discovering new ways to targeting illnesses.

Sample Programs:

Genetic Engineering (Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Cancer - Crispr-Cas9)|

the Upgrade of More Accuracy of Crispr Cas9 Research Funding. Coming Soon | Tianqiao and ChrissyChen Institute |

Artificial Brain Cells/STEM Cells | Tinnitus & Head Neuroscience : Specific FREQUENCY noise+BRAIN-Cheating Therapy to cure Tinnitus (Permanent heal Partially Achieved) | Manufacturing & Distribution for: AlienPuppy®Brain Activity Inhibitor | AlienPuppy®Medical Device

  Improvement and Upgrade of Medications That Cause Joint Pain |  Chinese Medication Usage Upon Cancer Operation |

  Regenerative Medicine Solution for battlefield Hearing Loss (Hair Cell Regeneration) |

Skin Disease Research & Cure Development. AlienPuppyMedicine® signs AlienDDE Contract® to confidently help you cure your skin disease |

  Charity Program in Tibet: Hiring ophthalmologists for Cataract operations in Tibet & Afghanistan |

 Swarm Nano Robot Deployment and Application in operations of nerve repair, blood vessel, and bone healing. AlienDDE Contract® |

iPS Cell Research | Ecosystem for Health Innovation | Clinical Trials | Investigator Initiated Research | AlienPuppy Ventures, Inc. |

Oncology | Rare Diseases | Neuroscience | Gastroenterology | Plasma-Derived Therapies | Vaccines

AlienPuppyLife ®Traditional Chinese Medicine & Physical Therapy Cure  Chronic Diseases |  AlienPuppyMinds®Mind Change Reality,

Taoist Meditation & Multi-Dimensional Chi Scientific Research |

The listed programs are being operated independently, by different companies and institutions.

We Fund These Programs.