Education & Research

When you drill down, blockchains are really a shared version of reality everyone agrees on. So whether it's a fully immersive VR experience, augmented reality, or even Bitcoin or Ethereum in the physical world as a shared ledger for our 'real world,' we'll increasingly trust blockchains as our basis for reality.

Sample Programs of AlienPuppy Education & Research:

Teach For America ( | Tokyo University | University of Hawaii | University of Alaska | (NYC, of U.S.A.) | (CT, USA) | R&B Music Creation (Malibu, Ca, USA) | J-Pop (Tokyo, Japan) | Astrobiology & Earth Science |

 Global Climate Change & CO2 emission control | Wild Animal Protection and Research ( China, Russia, and S. America) |

Student  Cultural Exchange ( U.S. China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Australia) |

  Blockchain Technologies & their applications in finance, public security, and military |

We fund these programs.