Crime Organizations & Criminals

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Crime Organizations:


  • New Zealand Ministry of Justice

  • New Zealand Police

  • New Zealand Court

  • New Zealand Ministry of Immigration

  • New Zealand government Cabinet.

  • Fake New Zealand media this illegitimate government(the Labor Party) spent taxpayer's sweat money to pay for. Luckily, the government criminals haven't controlled Telegram, YouTube, Vimeo and AlienPuppyTenders.

Criminals/Felons/Law Enforcement Rewards:

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New Zealand Most Wanted Fugitives:


Felons/LVT Photo/Video Caught Alive(starting-at) DNA-verified DeadBody(starting-at)

Kris Faafoi click $100,000 $30,000


Andrew Coster Click $50,000 $30,000


Colin Doherty $50,000 $0


David Parker $50,000 $99


*All Amount is in New Zealand Dollars. Price may vary without prior notice. Final contract amounts appeared on the contracts both parties would sign for.

They might say this published " Most Wanted" page is useless, a waste of time, a piece of toilet paper, and it can't do any law enforcement work against them. They are right, as long as "NO BALL" New Zealand public doesn't possess military rifles and the courage to uphold New Zealand laws. Take this for example: You have no ideas how many private motel owners lost their businesses and stable income, just because the crimes these New Zealand government scums silently committed. Please don't blame global pandemic. Virus can't stop tourists and immigrants. Dirty social enviornment and illegitimate government do. Lots of people have viewed our website, and they've made their decisions. So would you say again "You don't want to get killed by dirty NZ police, and fighting government official crimes is none of your business."? You, as a kiwi, work not only for yourself, but for your next generation. If they can escape from legal punishment, so can some others, so can lots of others in New Zealand. When the New Zealand society is completely down, white residents could move back to Europe, the Asians and Indians could easily withdraw to their lovely home countries. Where should Maori people go? Tonga, Fiji or jump into the pacific ocean? Do something for your next generation, before it's too late. People talk about the greatest American spirit, Chinese spirit, but we've never heard of " Kiwi Spirit or the Maori spirit". There's no real heros and Maori leaders in New Zealand so far. Brenton Tarrant could be the one, if he didn't choose the wrong targets; if he didn't hurt innocent people; and if he erased New Zealand government criminals (as listed on this page) for New Zealand people. When Christchurch District Court judges had to do their blow jobs for self-protection and personal gain, the Brenton Tarrant way must be the only way for the public to uphold law and justice, for their next generation. AlienPuppy's global partners would provide sniper rifles and other type of law enforcement equipments to those who determined to lead New Zealand people to make the change. Yes, if there was real laws applying to everyone in New Zealand, the Brenton Tarrant way would be not necessary, and the listed criminals couldn't be in their offices, still. BTW, did Kris Faafoi find a new "crime job", a new "very kind & decent" employer as the illegitimate New Zealand government? Let's talk to his new employer! Let's see what we can give to them. By the way, we don't think any real serviceman/woman, veterans and real police officers in the world would stand on their side. The job titles mean trust, justice, duty, fairness, and responsbility. They don't allow anyone as these New Zealand criminals to make the shining badges look dirty. They don't want to let the public down. AlienPuppyTenders doesn't have to make heroes for their districts. The heros are already there.


These criminals insulted

  1. New Zealand laws & justice;

  2. All New Zealand people, including Maori prisoners;

  3. Their families;

  4. Fake media in the world;

  5. Global gun manufacturers;

  6. Military organizations both on the Internet and in the physical world;

In most developed countries, even presidents could be sent to jail, if they committed even minor crimes. In New Zealand, "they" would do whatever "they" can do to illegally protect "nobody" NZ police & government criminals from being sued and sentenced, just because "they" bet all the New Zealand public, including those living in Maori communities, and international tourists HAVE NO BALLS to do anything physically lethal to "them" . This is indeed a 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND. So we'd have to do more work to make New Zealand 101% pure: We are very active in the world. And it seems so far no international governments would stand on the same side with the illegitimate New Zealand government and New Zealand government criminals. We are really boring. We've reported our work to the governments of the U.S., Australia, China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and U.K. And unfortunately nobody shouted at either us or New Zealand government criminals. Everybody suddently turned to the flight mode. The whole so called New Zealand government has been disappeared in front of us for years, and probably because our sound is not loud enough. Well, we really believed our Mark Levinson speaker has been good enough, because it can remove the criminal: Kris Faafoi from "the government". Help us fuck these New Zealand scumbags HARDER anyway, if you can! FOR NEW ZEALAND public. Sounds nicety? Nothing is nastier than Police & Judge criminals who can "always" enjoy their "freedom" outside of prisons, right? What would they say to NZ prisoners' families? Why is New Zealand law so different in front of different kiwis? They don't believe in law, they believe in gun & fire. Thanks God, that's just what our global partners are good at. This 4 pieces of trash would pretend nothing illegal happened, if you couldn't make a gun to kiss their foreheads. They were delusional. They really believed they own New Zealand and her people. For now at least Kris Faafoi knew he didn't. Our military-grade experts analyzed Andrew Coster's videos made during the Parliament riot(NZ patriot protest) in 2022. He was almost scared the shit out of his pant. As we said he's not a qualified NZ Police leader. He can achieve nothing: fight against Police corruption? No; Kill AlienPuppies? No; Sleep in bed 24x7? Yes! Yes!



So if they can commit crimes without any consequence in New Zealand, then why can't others? What's the difference? Andrew Coster got a bigger dick than all other males' on planet Earth? David Parker grew 4 balls down there? Excuse us, their behaviors and courage made us believe they are PHYSICALLY SPECIAL! Or they might believe they own U.S. Navy? Everything doesn't make sense. The crimes they committed include but not limited to: 1, interference with justice; 2, Cover up crimes; 3, False imprisonment; 4 Malfeasance;Then our question is why can't some others hold guns to their heads? Why can't some others kidnap them? because some others don't have balls as many as David Parker's? or some others don't have guns or very advanced IT technlogies to precisely strike their bodies or their illegal financial buildup? This doesn't make sense. This is not the way how God engineered us through injecting the human spirits into our DNAs. Or they might think Maori and international tourists don't have DNAs. If David Parker or Andrew Coster has one more ball to resist the real law enforcement operation, then the "some others" would ask, " why can't we remove all of them from this world for New Zealand public?". We are sure the "some others" are thinking; New Zealand patriots are thinking; Your international friends who love New Zealand and her people, including great Maoris are thinking. (Obvisouly, an asthma patient named Kris Faafoi is not among them)

In the field of fighting crimes( that's themselves), Would you count on them? Arm yourself with AlienPuppy's latest self-defense weapons and IT technologies. Shoot & bomb them, send them to jail or hell for those they insulted, hurt, and committed crimes against. Visit the Dirty New Zealand web portal to find out detailed information on AlienPuppy & KOMO Kiwi self-defense weapon & survelliance supply network, New Zealand government and judge personal information, upcoming missions, Maori training and recruitment.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- / take full legal & military responsibility for all the web content of the websites. We've taken the responsibility for years, and haven't encountered any G.I.Joes sent by these innocent New Zealand government criminals. Where are the New Zealand Army Force, Police, Law, Court and Greedy but Useless NZ Lawyers? It seems nobody would speak and fight for the NZ greatest Most Wanted fugitives! See, New Zealand People know who are real criminals.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

Any DDE-verified individual or company in New Zealand is qualified to apply to join the AlienPuppy Self-Defense Weapon Distribution Program. Our global partners provide financing and equipment upgrade services in the New Zealand market. DDE doesn't BullShit, and DDE doesn't waste your precious time. Wasting your resources is a sin.

Criminal Photo Album & Screenshots:

Fake New Zealand media is good at packing trash to be a professional careered "public" hero. Today, the most innocent and kind Kiwis and foreign tourists would end their lives for the public and New Zealand laws. This is what they brought to New Zealand. As the heads of crime organizations and felons, they are also good at talking to you about law and justice on TV, as long as you don't have any guns and very advanced IT technologies to make them tell the truth about how they committed crimes directly and indirectly. Don't talk about laws in New Zealand. Speak their language: fire is power and justice. Knowledge is power, indeed. More and more kiwis are leaving this country. According to the data from the NZ police computer servers our global partners hacked, we can tell you how many NZ police officers quit their "dirty" jobs between 2020 and 2022, and how hard this crime organization tried to recruit/scam new dumbs to join the organization(so-called NZ police). They can't even make their teams and themselves LEGAL when they were talking about how to make this country GREAT. Hilarious. Asian immigrants around us call New Zealand " a shithole country". It shouldn't have been like this under this great public criminal management. Want to know what our white kiwi suppliers and Maori friends said about them? Call us. Youtube could get you some, though. Get the power, and take these criminals down for New Zealand. We are sure lots of people will do it.