Anonymous Contract
Anonymously Contracting through DDE smart contract or any other effective methods.

Alien Puppy Tenders allows specific contractors to sign contracts(verbally or written) for specific programs through the anonymous DDE method, which comply with local laws and regulations. You may see the "Anonymously" sign next to selected programs in our procurement and freelance recruit systems. In a word, you don't have to let us know who you are, and we don't care who you are. There are lots of methods you can use to hide your identity in business: from technical blockchain smart contract/DDE, such as, to human brokerage, messengers, or proxies. You get the job done as you promised, and you get paid. You don't honor the contract you signed, you lose your money, partially, or completely, based on contract terms. We allow failures, but we don't allow "Toilet Paper Contracts" signed on the supply chain we manage.

Besides, you may recommend us any other cryptocurrency(bitcoin, or government-issued CryptoCurrency)-based, blockchain technology utilized Dual Deposit Escrow (DDE) services to us, for possible anonymous contracting procedures. Did you get better ideas? More advanced technologies to cover your identity in fair trade with us? Utilize them on us. To us, business reputation & stable business relationship is more important than money.

All the programs under " Make New Zealand Police & Judge Clean" can be contracted anonymously, in a standard way, or through face-to-face mode. Your choice. DDE-ready contractors send us emails to ask any questions.