A $20,000 extra special rate for retired police officers, veterans, African Americans & Maori independent law enforcement agents. Don't forget sending bad guys like Andrew Coster to cell or hell WAS your job. We can drop your money anywhere in the world, including Antarctica. That's your legal deserve. Thank you for doing cleaning work for the New Zealand public and the next generation of Kiwis. What do NZ government criminals share in common: they are delusional. They believe 1 they own NZ; 2 they own your ass; 3 they are bullet & law punishment proof in NZ. Now they would say " No, we are not, don't slender us." They wouldn't commit such a big felony if they didn't think that way. NZ people would appreciate your doing. NZ People might not dare to speak as we do, but NZ people are not the wood. The only reason Kiwis fear talking about LAW & JUSTICE is " No Professional Gun, No Professional Training, and they don't think they could be victims of (collateral) damages of the next government crime."

Andrew Coster