Commercial Air Transport

DDE-approved buyers or sellers in this business sector may ask for our historical record, business contracts, business achievement history, and ongoing program details. All the businesses we conducted in air transport, with global operators, including Chinese carriers, before 2019, were accomplished with different business names.

Tell us if any of these deals are smaller than yours: we did business with almost all the Russian carriers before 2022. We assisted AMECO and TAECO on several aircraft heavy maintenance and conversion programs for United Airlines and US private-owned ACMI operators. We are a licensed "salesman" of several major MROs in Asia-Pacific. We assisted Japan's two major players to trade their retired B737s and B747s with Chinese, American, and European private owners or government representatives.

We helped American private operators in UAE and Africa, training cabin crews for their charter flights to "War Zones". We provided ground services to USAF C-40s and Air Force One in China. We worked with DoD contractors for the DoJ ConAir programs and Saudi Arabia Hajj programs many times. We worked with Beijing-based financial institutions to acquire and lease commercial jet airliners. And lots of more achievements were made by us. Now the question is can you do business with us?

Sample Programs: 

Saudi Arabia B744 C Check (Guangzhou Gameco & Saudi Arabia) |  Ground Service (US AFB, Unidentified ) |

 Line Maintenance (DXB, BKK, HNL, PEK, PVG, NKG, ANC, NRT) |  ACMI (Department of Justice U.S.A.) the Con -Air Program |

 ACMI( Cargo, Belgium, Russia, China, Africa) |  Aircraft Part & Component Logistics (AeroCap, Gecas, Gameco, Ameco) |

 Commercial A/C Part & Component Trading Platform Programming & Deployment |  Aircraft & Engine Trading & Leasing, financing service, finance cooperation(Avalon, Bohai, Orix) |

 ACMI (USAF) Global Air Transport Program (2022~2023) |  QACVR (Donica) Marketing Program (2022) |

 HNA Operating Leasing 150 B738s, A320s, B738Fs (2022 ~2024) |  

 Contact us, if your company is interested in conducting similar programs with us. Some Program details are not for the PUBLIC. We invest, bid, and conduct these programs.